FLET'S HIKARI NEXT Giga Family/Giga Mansion Smart Type. FLET'S HIKARI is now offering Giga speeds even for Wi-Fi. click here

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Inquiries by telephone

We accept applications and inquiries by telephone.


Step 1 :
Tell the telephone operator your address and telephone number.
Step 2 :
Specify the service you desire.
Step 3 :
Important details will be explained.

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For questions and applications, make an inquiry by telephone

Hours:9 a.m.-5 p.m. (closed Sat, Sun, public holidays)

If your contract includes multiple service options, the total amount you calculate may not match the actual billing amount.

* "FLET'S HIKARI" is the general name of "FLET'S HIKARI LIGHT," "FLET'S HIKARI NEXT," and "B FLET'S" (each of which is a type of Internet connection service).

All prices shown are not inclusive of tax unless otherwise indicated. Prices with tax included are based on a consumption tax rate of 8%.